Jesus Above Me


In Luke 7:28, Jesus said that his cousin, John the Baptist, was the greatest prophet ever born! One of the characteristics that made John stand highest among men, was the way he stood humbly before God. He epitomized that quality, when he said in John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John got one glimpse of Jesus, and his heart was ablaze for His purposes! This raging fire of adoration caused him to put aside his own interests, wants, goals, desires, dreams and self-absorbed affections, for whatever Jesus wanted for his life! His mantra became, “Jesus above Me!” This is the anthem of all, who truly see and come to Jesus!

Those three powerful words--“Jesus above Me”--sum-up the DNA of Winter Jam. The lights, artists, songs, and ministry are all for the undaunted purpose of showcasing Jesus! He gets the spotlight at center-stage! He, alone, is the Ultimate Headliner each night! Over the years, hundreds of thousands have gathered at Winter Jam and received a fresh, anointed vision of Jesus! Rising out of these gatherings is a ferocious force of faith, known as the JAM PEOPLE. Pledging allegiance to the Only Sovereign Lord, “Jesus above Me” is the battle- cry of this thriving community of avid believers. They are unleashing their God- given purposes and potentials in their local churches, with the audacious ambition to demystify the hope-giving power of the Gospel to a hurting world.