Don't Come Alone


When we experience something really great, we tend to tell people about it.--”Have you seen that Instagram post; that vine; did you read that tweet? Have you seen that movie, or tasted that food?”

We like to share stuff that is good. Jesus is Good! His story is Good News! And we know that; but let’s be honest, it’s hard to tell people about Him. Isn't it?-- I’m a preacher, and it’s hard for me, too.--We tend to think we might scare our friends away or say the wrong thing. So, we live with the tension of wanting our loved-ones and friends to hear about and to come to know Jesus; but we never really get to the heart of telling them about Jesus.

Winter Jam understands that pressure, and that’s why, at the core of Winter Jam’s leaders, is a conviction, to make sure the Gospel is shared every night. So, invite your friends, neighbors, team mates, co-workers, and family members to Winter Jam this year. Don't come alone! It’s only ten bucks--pay their way in--it may be the greatest investment you’ll ever make in your relationship with them!

The electrified crowds will make them feel more than welcome. The world- class production and diverse genres of music ensure that they will have an awesome, concert-experience. And right in the middle of it all, the Gospel will be proclaimed. And if history repeats itself--and we’re certainly praying it will--then your guest will be transformed by the astonishing redemption of Jesus Christ!

Don't come alone; this is the year that will change your friend’s life and eternal destiny! We look forward to seeing both of you!